Skilled Joiners

We believe that we have some of the most highly skilled joiners in the country. Many of them have the ability and aptitude to produce joinery items that many other manufacturers would decline owing to their complexity. Behind them is a team of up and coming joiners with a few years experience who are willing and eager to learn more and join the highly skilled team.

Apprentice Joiners

We strongly believe in apprenticeships to enable the skills of experienced joiners to be passed down to younger generations and this has been a successful means of perpetuating our skill base.


Mark Carlton Smith
Managing Director

Mark’s many years of experience in the joinery manufacturing industry and his enthusiasm and passion for timber in general enable clients to benefit from his expertise, design flair and extensive technical knowledge.


James Barnes

Having undertaken an apprenticeship as a joiner and then as a cabinetmaker, James attended Basford Hall College in Nottinghamshire where he studied furniture design and construction.


Jonathan Smith
Contracts Manager

Jonathan joined the company in June 2000 as an estimator and his role has developed and evolved into that of Contracts Manager. Jonathan’s diligent and particular approach to the requirements of clients enables him to interpret their ideas and produce high quality items that meet their needs.


Trina Thirlwell
Office Manager

Trina joined the company on a full-time basis in October 2000. She manages all the administration, accounts and personnel issues and will usually be clients first point of contact.